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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are public records?

Answer: Public records are those records which a governmental unit is required by law to keep or which it is necessary to keep in discharge of duties imposed by law. A record is a "public record" within purview of statute providing that books and records required by law to be kept by county clerk may be received in evidence in any court if it is a record which a public officer is required to keep and if it is filed in such a manner that it is subject to public inspection.
ref. Blacks Law Dictionary  - West Publishing Co. / 1979

Question: What types of public record information does APRNews print in their online newsletter? 

Answer:  County Court - Certificates of Title - District Court - Marriage Licenses - Mortgages - Mortgage Releases - Tax Liens - Auto Liens - Bankruptcies.

Question: When accessing your web, sometimes I'm asked to enter my username and password more than once. Why is this?

Answer: There are multiple subscriptions types that provide access to multiple directories within our website. Each directory has security attached that requires the user to verify that they have the proper security to enter.

Question: If I forget my username or password can I request them?

Answer: Yes, a new feature allows you to make this request. If you fail to login within the first five attempts, our security system will forward you to a request form that allows you to enter your email address. Once you complete and submit this form the system will send you an email with your current access information.






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